Outsourcing services

Customized service for greater organizational flexibility and responsiveness
Even more flexible, responsive services

Outsourcing is one of the preferred mechanisms used by organizations to improve security, quality and productivity – but this must be based on a solution that is capable of evolving at the pace of the business. Today, businesses are introducing hybrid models, for example combining outsourced functions, SPG, organization and even BPO for certain processes. This allows them to achieve an appropriate balance in terms of centralization, delegation and outsourcing.


Customized service in an industrial framework
Sopra HR offers a range of customized services in response to its customers’ wide variety of needs and requirements.  Its portfolio of services is based on:

  • A flexible industrial model and business services that incorporate best practices
  • A specialist HR organization to guarantee practices are effective and compliant
  • Personal support (with a dedicated expert and on-site or remote Application Management Service)
  • A real partnership, with Service Level Agreements that are monitored to ensure compliance with commitments (such as deadlines and quality level)
  • Secure, proven, well-equipped payroll infrastructure