Customized services
to meet your needs

Added-value services

Opting for added-value services means you can adapt them to reflect your requirements as closely as possible. Sopra HR offers a range of business services, such as Absence management, Health Expenses management, data-entry and checking, preparation of statutory declarations, assistance with inspections by government organizations, standards compliance support, etc.

Legal watch for compliance purposes

Sopra HR’s legal unit monitors changes in regulations and works directly with employment legal professionals. Sopra HR monitors changes in regulations and collective agreements based on legal analysis to ensure your solution is always compliant with the latest regulatory changes.

Maintenance that reflects your requirements

Maintenance services are adjusted to the needs of each business whilst maintaining a high level of commitment formalized in a service agreement: support, corrective maintenance, statutory upgrades, specific upgrades, technical maintenance and assistance.
To optimize your maintenance services, we offer you the option of on-site or remote maintenance in one of our HR specialist service-centres.