Consultancy and Change Management

Optimization and Performance advice

Sopra HR offers strategic consultancy, operational consultancy and HR information system consultancy services.

  • Promotion of the employer’s employee relations/social responsibility within the information system and the methods and processes to make this part of the organizational communications policy
  • Analysis of HR performance: assessment of current performance, identification of areas of improvement and design of a personalized improvement plan to reduce TCO.
  • Feasibility studies for the establishment of shared service centres and related profitability analysis including recommendations on the best options for your business.
  • Change management: Support and training plan, collaborative strategies and practices
  • Development of workforce monitoring indicators, digitalization project, etc.

Sopra HR is recognized for its abilities in managing major HR transformation projects in line with best business practices: organizational transformation, solutions customization, change management plan, management of multidisciplinary teams, etc.