Globalization, resource pooling and international management

From local to global: the challenge faced by international businesses

Human Resources management needs to support the change of scale that takes place when a business goes global. International management of human capital in this context becomes a strategic issue for the business’s performance and a daily challenge for HR departments.

Managing employees implies having a clear vision of the resources available at a global level and which are appropriate to the needs of each subsidiary, whilst supporting employee mobility and talent management. Maintaining the agility of local structures whilst sharing common, unified processes to create a corporate culture are just some of the challenges to address.  International HR departments need to adapt their activities to a multicultural environment on a day-to-day basis, managing both at a distance and across different time zones. Globalization presents opportunities for sharing administrative tasks and harmonizing HR policies in line with international practices and security standards.

Deploying an HR policy on a global scale therefore relies, to a significant extent, on the quality of the HR information system, and the provision of reliable, up-to-date information. Shared databases, harmonized process and global reporting help to implement coherent HR policies across the entire group.