Employee engagement

Employee engagement, motivation and retention: a winning strategy for business

Businesses need a high level of skills and expertise to deal with increased competition, but attracting and retaining talented staff is a real challenge for HR departments on a day-to-day basis. Shared vision and recognition are key elements in motivating the new generation of employees. It is essential for the HR function to work for employee engagement and loyalty to support the development of the business, especially by developing a sustainable employer brand and an employee relations and social policy that make sense to staff.

New technologies will also enable businesses to establish with their employees, a different kind of relationship that is more aligned with their expectations and aspirations. This reflects a consequence of the gradual removal of barriers between our personal and professional lives and marks the arrival of “consumer” behavior in relation to computerized tools and media that are used equally in both spheres.

The emergence of new (Web 3.0) collaborative solutions, social media and mobile solutions is driving a change in working methods in regards to collaborative management in two major ways. Firstly, by broadening access to the information system beyond the traditional boundaries in response to new requirements for mobile and remote working. And secondly, by enabling Human Resources departments to go beyond the purely contractual employer-employee relationship, to include a personal and community dimension in skills and career management.  This means being able to talk directly to the individual behind the job role, helping to make their experience more meaningful and recognizing their contribution to improve well-being at work.

Sopra HR is  utilizing innovation to produce new generations of collaborative, mobile solutions to help create a personal relationship between the HR department and all employees.