Digital technology and new practices

 Big data, the cloud, mobility and collaborative solutions are just some of the digital technologies that are going to transform organizations and ways of working.

Human Resources departments need to embrace the digital transformation and put good practices at the heart of their HR policy. Innovation is key to support the HR strategy. We are currently seeing an unprecedented level of technological change, as all the major research institutes confirm. It includes the emergence of big data – the colossal mass of information produced continuously and accessible on the web, which can no longer be exploited with traditional tools – and the cloud, which provides access via the internet to virtual, pooled IT resources, on demand and free to use.

The digital transformation has had a rapid impact on the ecosystem of HR suppliers. We are seeing an explosion of ‘on demand’ SaaS solutions, which are having a profound influence on the architecture of HR information systems. Businesses also face another challenge: intelligent planning of the whole system without creating a level of technical complexity that is difficult to manage and develop, while still ensuring data security. At the same time, mobile applications for smartphones and tablets are increasing and collaborative working is becoming more widespread, in particular via social media. The introduction of digital employee files is helping to optimize the HR function but also bring in new, added-value services. The HR department needs to incorporate these new practices in its communications with employees and to support the development of its employer brand. 
Sopra HR’s innovative solutions are helping HR professionals to become part of the digital transformation by introducing new practices and supporting collaborative ways of working.

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