HR departments are facing new challenges in supporting business transformation in a changing world.

Sopra HR anticipates solutions to the challenges faced by HR departments and incorporates them into its range of solutions and services.

Sopra HR has been recognized as a key partner to Human Resources departments for over 40 years. As a global player, it develops its solutions and services based on innovative HR practices.

Today’s Human Resources departments are playing a more strategic role, working hand-in-hand with the business as a guarantor of social cohesion and employee engagement.

The Human Resources information system is driving the transformation of HR departments’ working practices, helping them to respond to issues around performance, statutory compliance, communicating values and commitment to both employees and the wider society.

Globalization is moving the boundaries and changing the way work is organized, with digital exchanges of information, remote and mobile working all now part of the corporate landscape. HR departments need to support new forms of collaborative, intercultural management as businesses evolve in an international context.

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