How to leveraging conversational interfaces for an enhanced HR function? Featuring research from Gartner

GartnerAccording to Gartner, “Conversational systems will drive the next big paradigm shift in Information Technology as technology becomes people-literate.”

Sopra HR Software, as a partner for the digital transformation of HR, has been continuously monitoring the latest trends and anticipating the new generations of HR solutions.

In this newsletter “Leveraging conversational interfaces for an enhanced HR function”, featuring research from Gartner, we present insights on trends and solutions to help HR departments make the most of chatbots to meet the new requirements of digital usages and increase HR performance.

Among the subjects covered in this newsletter, we can point out:

  • The featured Gartner research “Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2017: Conversational Systems” published in March 2017, that provides findings and recommendations for leveraging the emerging conversational systems in enterprise application suites.
  • The arrival of chatbots in HR function, as part of the employee experience
  • The ways to assist HR function and increase productivity
  • How adopting the augmented HR via the use of chatbots