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Our added value for HR professionals

Sopra HR sees itself as a single, global partner, providing a cost effective response to its customers’ needs based on a combination of HR business expertise, HR solutions and information systems. Today, Sopra HR offers a more ambitious and comprehensive range of HR services, designed to support HR transformation projects and reflect their size and context.
  • Make the company’s human capital a competitive advantage: our aim is to support businesses in deploying their HR policies. Our solutions and services respond to their main strategic and operational requirements: from recruitment to mobility, time management to remuneration and training to career paths.
  • Support the HR function in driving performance: we contribute to a group’s economic success by optimizing the costs associated with HR management, through implementing easy-to-use solutions and enhanced services combining flexibility, agility and security.

Prioritizing innovation

While payroll and HR systems are subject to constant, rapid, statutory and non-statutory changes, they also need to be combined with the digital revolution that is transforming practices and employee’s expectations. Sopra HR invests heavily in research and development of the solutions of the future, to maintain its pioneering role and provide increasingly innovative solutions that offer them even more added value. Sopra HR’s solutions are driven and enhanced not only by technological innovation but by detailed forward thinking, giving the company a head start on its competitors.

Recognized commitment and a close relationship with customers

Building on the success of our users’ clubs in several parts of the world, we have set up working groups to talk about new HR practices and changes to our solutions and services. Our joint innovation strategy gives Sopra HR the opportunity to develop a clear view of needs-based requirements that respond to the issues faced by HR professionals.
Customer satisfaction is at the heart of our strategy, reflected on a daily basis in the relationship with Sopra HR consultants, support services, experts and others.

Strength in numbers

Being part of Sopra Steria enables Sopra HR to take advantage of a rich source of skills to deliver expert advice, consultancy and transformation projects. Its strong international presence gives our customers the assurance of detailed understanding and the ability to deliver complex, wide-ranging projects.